Fiber Optics is a critical part of the network infrastructure.  OMTel is an experienced installer of this important communications media. Whether you need cabling between buildings, floor-to-floor, single floor or fiber-to-the-desk, OMTel can deliver your fiber needs with confidence, and show you the light. Whether its multimode or singlemode fiber optic cabling, ST, SC, MTRJ or any other connector, be assured we can install your infrastructure requirements. We can certify our installations to give you the satisfaction of knowing the installation was done right the first time.

OMTel installs coaxial cabling for many different applications:

  • RG6 for DSS satellite dish installations, video broadcasting, video distribution, CATV, CCTV, MATV and TVRO.
  • RG58 and RG59 for wireless and antenna applications, DS-3 circuit extensions, and legacy network equipment.
  • RG8 and RG11 for distribution trunk cable applications.
  • We use the highest standard compression tools and connectors; we can install coax cabling with F-Type, RCA, and BNC connectors for all applications.
  • We support legacy legacy network systems that use IBM Twinax and Thinnet.
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