T-1, Frame Relay (56k), ISDN, DSL, POTS, these are a lot of abbreviations to throw around. At OMTel we speak it all. Need a Demarc extended from the MPOE to the CPE? We can get it there PDQ. Have a rollout of ATM's that need their POTS installed ASAP? Send OMTel a .PDF and a P.O.

OMTel offers services not traditionally covered by other service providers. If one of your technicians is jammed up on a job and needs help, don't delay, call OMTel today.

Do you have an overnight cutover that requires tearing down an old cash wrap, removing the POS's, voice, data, electrical outlets, install the new cash wrap, re-install the voice, data, electrical and new POS's by morning? We partner with a local electrical contractor to provide light electrical services.

At OMTel if we can do it, consider it done.

OMtel -ITS
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